Dive Center Zakynthos Island.

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Looking for a friendly Dive Center with services accordingly to your wishes?

Zante Diving has been at the forefront of diving on Zakynthos Island with a mix of fun, safety and excellent diving!

If you’ve always wanted to try scuba diving or take scuba diving lessons, experience unparalleled adventure and see the world beneath the waves, this is where it starts.

If you are a certified diver, you can definitely enjoy our fun dives!


Feed your child’s natural curiosity and let them experience diving from the age of 8 to 9. Start the young adventurers out on the right fin with the PADI Bubblemaker program. Blowing bubbles and swimming like a fish will give kids the confidence they need to become fully fledged divers as they become older! A quick briefing about being underwater, how to behave and possible sights. Then it is time to submerge to a maximum of 2 meters on our beautiful house reef.


2-3 hours


Minimum age 8
Ability to swim
Parental signature and presence 


The cost for Bubblemaker course is 85 euro per kid including rental equipment and personal instructor.  Underwater Photos are included!

The Discover Scuba Dive course will give you a tour of the underwater world. The course is two and a half hours aproximatelly. You will have a small lesson about equipment and scuba diving in general. Then we will get in the boat and go to the Turtle Island. We will spot some turtles by boat and explore caves and beaches of this wonderful small island! Then we do some skills underwater in very shallow water and afterwards the dive! We will spend almost an hour underwater. 


The course is daily at 15:30pm! The duration is 3 hours and you have to reserve your course due to small group diving. 


Minimum 10 years old


The cost for Discover scuba diving course is 95 euro per person including boat trip , rental equipment and personal instructor. You will be almost an hour underwater. Underwater Photos are included!

If scuba diving has ever appealed to your child between ages 10 to 14, then the internationally recognized PADI Junior Open Water course is the way to accomplish your goal. 

Open Water diver course consists of four days.
The first two days we do confined water skills (very shallow water exercises) in order to get used to the equipment and be more confident with it.
The last two days we will have 4 open water dives by boat. You will have your personal instructor for your course. 
The theory part we provide you codes and you get access to elearning tools and online tests. You can finish your studying before you attend the physical part during your vacation.


You will be qualified to dive to 12 meters (between ages 10-11).

After certifcation, 10- to 11-year-olds can dive only with a parent, guardian or PADI Professional to 12 metres/40 feet maximum depth

12- to 14-year-olds must dive with an adult certified diver to a maximum depth of 18 m.


Open Water diver course consists of four days.

The course can be done in 3 days if the students are very comfortable underwater. We give one more day for students comprehension issues.


Ages 10-14 (those ages 15 and above are eligible for the PADI Open Water Course)
Ability to swim 200m unaided without stopping and float/thread for 10 minutes.


We charge 460 euro per kid including ebooks and online tests, certification fees, personal instructor for your course, All diving gear needed , boat dives  and underwater photos.

If you are an Junior Open Water Diver between the ages of 12 and 14 and want to further your knowledge and skills, the Advanced course is the next step.

The course consists of five dives, including a Deep dive, navigation dive , search and recovery dive , boat dive and peak performance buoyancy dive.


You will be qualified to dive to a 21 meters* depth and have credit towards any PADI Speciality that you have completed an Advanced Dive!

(* – Divers 15 years and younger are restricted to 21 meters. When the diver turns 16, PADI Junior Advanced Open Water divers will become PADI Advanced Open Water divers and certified to go to 30 meters.)


2-3 days


Ages 12-14 (those ages 15 and over are eligible for the PADI Advanced Open Water Course)
Certified PADI Junior Open Water or equivalent


We charge 380 euro including ebooks and online tests, certification fees, personal instructor for the course, All diving gear needed , boat dives and underwater photos.

As a 5 Star Dive center we provide a huge variety of scuba diving courses!

Progress beyond your certification in skill and confidence with our Specialties!

Experience Zantes natural beauty while cruising and spot Caretta-Caretta turtles (Loggerheads) in their natural environment!

Live the adventure but don’t forget your suncream!

Need exclusive services? Let us arrange your Private Scuba Diving trip / Speed Boat trip / Speed Boat tour for you and your familly! 


WHY choose

We quarantee for our Quality Of Service!

The dive center is fully equipped with modern equipment which is regularly tested and maintained to ensure reliability!

Our goal is to make your diving experience safe, comfortable and unforgettable!

Small group diving experience

We like our customers to enjoy the best of our professionalism and attention! Small group diving experience maximum 6 divers is something that you will enjoy for sure!

Go off the beaten track

Go into the places only locals are familiar with. Visit little known hideouts and avenues that open the mind into what being a local is all about.

Divemaster - Assistant instructor interships for summer season 2022.

We are looking for motivated individuals to have their Dive master Intership during summer season 2022 . They will be guided from our top educated diving instructors and will have a professionalism ethic at the end of the course. For more Info please send us your CV at zantediving@yahoo.com.