scuba diving

Fun dives - Small Group Diving!

Certified divers
We Provide Daily Boat dives!

We usually do double boat dives in the morning for certified divers. We start at 09:00am and we are back at 13:30pm. We have extra cylinders in the boat for the second dive. We dive at the Turtle Island and Keri caves. We have multiple diving sites for you to choose from. We have a very small group diving policy maximum 3 divers. You are always under supervision and guidness of scuba diving instructors!

The cost for double boat dive is 120 euro per diver and includes full diving equipment .
The cost for double boat dive is 90 euro per diver and includes only tanks and weights .
Pre booking is essential due to small group diving.
One day two dives 120 euro pp.
Two days four dives 230 euro pp.
Three days 6 dives 340 euro pp. 
Four days 8 dives 450 euro pp.

Available upon request.


We dive at the Turtle Island and Keri caves. We have multiple diving sites for you to choose from more than 20. We will Take you to our best diving spots including Caves and Great Arks! If you dive multiple days with us ,we quarante that you will never dive at the same diving spot twice!

Rough weather conditions?
Join us on our mini van diving safari. 
The cost for double shore dives is 130 euro per diver and includes full diving equipment .
The cost for double shore dives is 90 euro per diver and includes tanks and weights .
Pre booking is essential due to small group diving.

We have Night dives once a week. 

Pre booking is essential due to small group diving.

refresher course
Feeling rusty or outdated in your diving skills and knowledge?

In our daily schedule we have Refresher and Reactivation courses for divers that haven’t dived for a long time or just have a few dives and want to refresh skills and basic knowledge!

Haven’t been diving lately and want a quick scuba refresher?

We can provide you a refresher course before going for the double dives.

We help you assembling your equipment, teaching you basic knowledge and starting from shallows! Your personal instructor will help you out in every step of your dives !

The main difference is that Reactivation course additionally includes ebook (studying part before diving) and practising skills underwater!

The Refresher and Reactivation course starts daily at 08:30am and we are back at 13:30pm.

The cost for Refresher course – double dive is 170 euro per diver. 
The cost for Reactivation course – double dive is 230 euro per diver.
It includes full diving equipment and personal instructor for your dives.
Underwater Photos are included!
Pre booking is essential due to small group diving!

We always suggest divers to go for the double dive Refresher or Reactivation course if your last dives were more that 1.5 years ago. During the first dive you figure out how everything works, skills come back to memory and you can enjoy a very relaxed second dive with great confidence!

Always wanted to try SIDEMOUNT configuration ?

This half-a-day program, is designed to give you the opportunity to experience an extended adventure dive and discover what you have been missing until now. It’s a 1:2 session with your instructor so we can guarantee the required attention you need, considering there are a lot of new things you going to learn about.

Due to the fact that you will be diving with a system you haven’t tried before, there are some basics we need to go through. You will get a quick intro on how this setup fundamentally works, gas management practices, correct weighting and do the size adjustments of your harness. After going through the emergency procedures, we hit the water! 

The Dive

This is where the fun begins! At the beginning of the dive, we will start with weight and trim check. Once you are set we will start exploring the dive site. The goal is to stay shallow and maximise your bottom time so you can truly enjoy the experience therefore, the maximum depth is 12 meters on this program. We will also introduce you to basic skills via fun exercises so you can get a feel for it. The usual dive time is around 100 minutes. As always, we will provide you with some photos at the end of the dives.

Minimum cert: Advanced open water diver

Min amount of dives: 30 dives 

• Approx. 100 minutes in-water / 2 dives

• 5 hours of activity


We charge 260 euro per person including:

✓ Tanks & Air Fills


✓ All Dive Equipment


✓ Water & Snacks


✓ Boat Dives & Photos

We have the solution
Common Problems of couples and friends!

We are eligible enough to satisfy all your needs! Just send us your thought of a difficulty and we have the solution!

Of course you can dive together!! Our question is do you want to have a single dive or a double dive together?

In the morning we have double dives for certified divers and in the afternoon we have single dives for amatures.. It is up to you to decide when you dive!

The afternoon single dive for amateures is always at the turtle island.


It is very common to have non divers onboard! The cost for a non diver/snorkeler is 40 euro including snorkeling gear!

We have a beach bar/ restaurant by the Diving center! Sunbeds are provided for free! A relaxed await including swimming , cocktails and snacks is something that won’t get you bored!

Usually after trying scuba diving everyone wants to become a certified diver!

We have a discount for those who want to take the open water diver course after the try dive!