Fun dives

Non certified divers


Discover scuba diving course –This course is an introduction for the novice, basically those who do not have any previous scuba diving experience, but would like to find out what diving is all about.

The course is two and a half hours aproximatelly. You will have a small lesson about equipment and scuba diving in general. Then we will get in the boat and go to the Turtle Island. We will spot some turtles by boat and explore  caves and beaches of this wonderful small island! Then we do some skills underwater in very shallow water and afterwards the dive!

The course is daily at 15:30pm and you have to reserve your course due to small group diving.

Certified divers

Whether you are just a hobbyist diver who looks for some fun on Zante, or an experienced adrenaline junkie and a pro – we’ve got both the diving lesson/event and equipment for you!

We usually do double boat dives in the morning for certified divers. We start at 09:00am and we are back at 13:30pm. We have extra cylinders in the boat for the second dive. We usually dive at the Turtle Island and Keri caves. We have multiple diving sites for you to choose from. We have a very small group diving policy maximum 6 divers. You are always under supervision and guidness of scuba diving instructors.


How does it work??

5 simple steps!!!


If you are over 10 years old and answer no to the medical questions then you are in!


Fill out the paperwork, a few signatures and you are almost ready to get wet.


Listen to our PADI instructor as he or she briefs you on what you will do underwater.


Jump in the pool and practice some skills, like breathing bubbles underwater.


Now it's time to go play with the fish as you go into the sea.

Boat trip dives

With every day boat trip dives you can choose from multiple dive sites! The exploration has just began!!

With dive sites just a stone’s throw away from each other, you will be able to explore a variety of underwater worlds. We’ve listed some of the best known dive sites ranging from labyrinthine caves to reefs . For more excitement, try a night dive or dive deeper to 30 or 40 metres. Colours appear almost fluorescent by torchlight. For the more experienced, these dives offer a unique adventure.

Turtle island

Keri caves

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