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Hire a Speed Boat!

Hire a Speed Boat

Hire a speed boat without a captain!

Rent a boat without a captain in Zakynthos and experience all the hidden gems this Mediterranean Paradise has to offer!
  • Boat licence free!
  • You will have a small driving lesson on how to operate the boat. These boats are easy to use and license free.

  • We will advise you where to go to ensure you don’t miss any of the most beautiful places.

  • We offer transport from your hotel and back any time you decide to start your boat trip.

  • All boats are fitted with GPS and we are able to track you, so you don’t need to worry about anything during your boat trip experience.

  • Our boats have 60 horsepower engines!
  • 3 hours without captain max 6 persons    180 €
  • 4 hours without captain max 6 persons    230 € 
  • 5 hours without captain max 6 persons    270 €
  • Full day (8 hours) without captain max 6 persons 500€

*Fuel and pick up services are included in the price!

*Boats depart from Laganas Beach!


  • 7 hours without captain max 6 persons    500 €

*Fuel and pick up services are included in the price!

*Boats depart from Laganas Beach!

Hire a speed boat with a captain!

Let’s make your vacation unforgettable! Grab the change to photo shoot and swim in amazing blue crystal waters. Our goal is to make you vacation unforgettable. We offer you the change to rent our boat with a professional captain and reach the most beautiful beaches where have access only via boat! Crystal blue water like Shipwreck beach – Keri caves – Blue caves and Turtle island is something you will fall in love with!

  • 3 hours with captain max 5 persons    210 €
  • 4 hours with captain max 5 persons    270 € 
  • 5 hours with captain max 5 persons    320 €
  • Full day (8 hours) with captain max 5 persons 580€

*Fuel and pick up services are included in the price!

*Boats depart from Laganas Beach!

  • 7 hours with captain max 5 persons    580 €

*Fuel and pick up services are included in the price!

*Boats depart from Laganas Beach!

We Offer:

Free pick-up and drop-off at your location!

Boat rental for as long as you want, anytime you want!

You choose whether you want a skipper or not!

Caretta Caretta spotting in Laganas bay!

Continuing monitoring through gps tracker for maximum safety!

A visit to the world-renowned Navagio Shipwreck beach!

Marathonisi (Turtle Island)

Marathonissi is the well-known Turtle Island of Zakynthos, where you can relax by swimming in the turquoise waters or by sunbathing on the white beach.

Keri Caves

The Keri Caves are accessible only by sea – and by you! Cruise to Keri Caves with dolphins (or even Mediterranean monk seals) swimming by your side, on a day to remember!


The story can be found in the ghost of the Panagiotis, a shipwrecked smuggler ship that ran aground here in 1980. The details aren’t fully known, and perhaps never will be, but the accepted story is that the Panagiotis was smuggling contraband cigarettes – presumably to Italy – when the Greek authorities intervened, sending the navy in pursuit. the ship was found on the 5th of October 1980 from a marine police carrying around 2000 boxes of cigarettes !

In poor weather, the ship sailed into water from which it could not escape. The crew fled, leaving the ship to be washed ashore, where she currently remains. Navagio Beach is a breathtaking sight, even without the shell of the Panagiotis. The shipwreck just adds the intrigue. The beach is surrounded by tall limestone cliffs, some of which rise 200 metres to the sky, and is complemented by a brilliantly blue sea. Sailing ships moored just away from the shore complete the spectacle. It’s a gorgeous scene, one well worth the slight hassle it takes to get here: it’s only accessible by boat, so you’ll have to book yourself onto one of the tours available or charter your own boat if you want to see the wreck up close.

Alternatively, you don’t have to be on the beach to experience Navagio Beach. In fact, the best views are actually 200 metres above the shipwreck, from a viewing area on the limestone cliffs that looks down on the beach. There, you’ll be given fantastic photography opportunities and a view you’ll remember for a lifetime. There’ll also be less crowds, which can sometimes make the beach feel claustrophobic. This view can be  reached by car.

However you experience it, a visit to ‘Smugglers Cove’ is a must do when you’re in Zakynthos (Zante)!

dont miss!
Always wanted to try scuba diving but never had the chance?

This course is an introduction for the novice, basically those who do not have any previous scuba diving experience, but would like to find out what diving is all about.

The Discover Scuba Dive course will give you a tour of the underwater world. The course is two and a half hours aproximatelly. You will have a lesson about equipment and scuba diving lures. Then we will get in the boat and go to the Turtle Island! We will spot some turtles by boat and explore caves and beaches of this wonderful small island! Then we do some skills underwater in very shallow water and afterwards the dive! We will spend almost an hour underwater. 

The course is daily at 15:30pm! The duration is 3 hours and you have to reserve your course due to small group diving. 

The cost for Discover scuba diving course is 100 euro per person including boat trip , rental equipment and personal instructor for your dive. You will be almost an hour underwater. Underwater Photos are included!

We also offer a Double dive discover scuba diving course. The diving trip starts at 09:00am and we are back at 13:30pm approximately. You will perform two dives the first one maximum 6 meters depth and the second one at maximum 12 meters in two different diving spots. We will dive at the turtle island and keri caves! The cost for Discover scuba diving course double dive is 160 euro per person including boat trip, rental equipment, personal instructor and Underwater Photos!

The only thing we want you to bring is  your enthusiasm for underwater exploration!